real estate from the inside out


A Great Buyer's Agent Should be providing the following:


1. Your Interests are Professionally Represented and Protected

Purchasing a home is similar to having an accountant do your taxes or a stock broker recommend stocks.  If we all had time to learn how to be accountants or stock brokers, we would. But who has the time? Working with an educated full-time professional in the real estate field can save you time and money learning a new profession!

2. You Get A Personal Specialist who Understands Your Needs

I will work with you to help you purchase the perfect property. Before we even look at a single home, I will meet with you to truly understand what you are looking for in terms of both tangible and intangible criteria.  From this information, I will perform extensive searches in real estate data bases and screen the results to find a home that fits your needs.  I am also a very proactive agent and will go out and source the property you are looking for by door knocking, sending out flyers to find sellers and calling into the area you want to be to find sellers.

3. You will Conveniently acquire a great home

Finding your new home on your own can be tiresome and stressful. Spending evenings and weekends searching websites and driving through neighbourhoods is just the beginning. By the time you find the right home, it could be sold due to stale information. When the time comes to draft contracts, present the offer, and negotiate, many buyers find themselves in unknown territory. Having a specialist who helps others buy and sell homes every day ensures that the entire process will go more smoothly.

4. A Strong Understanding of the Market

It’s hard to know everything. Having someone who understands the market inside and out can be very beneficial. By providing you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), I am able to help you be the most educated buyer in the market.

5. A Great Referral Basis

You may already be working with a home inspector, Lawyer or Notary, or Mortgage Broker, but if not, I come with a team of excellent professionals who can assist you in any area you may need help in. To find out more about what Buyers and Sellers are looking for please fill in the contact form on the bottom of the home page and I will add you to my e-news report.

Let's get together and start your buying process!